Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Pauls Family Trip ~ Day 9 (November 10)

After a short but sweet night on Edisto Beach, SC... we were all excitedly getting ready for a new morning exploring on the beach.
Low tide is the best time to find treasures... so we were out there before 8 a.m.

It was funny how our "shell selection" went from picking every pretty one that we saw to only picking the rarest and prettiest. It was also this day that we met up with a fossil collector as we were walking along the beach and we added shark teeth, turtle shells and other fossils to our list of things to find.

Eli's favorite thing to do was dig in the sand with shells :)

We had to say that we swam in the ocean, so after lunch, despite the coldness... we took a dunk and played in the waves.
About the time that they started going in deeper... I joined and put the camera away (conquring my fear of sharks!) There are no pictures... but we went in up over our waists and would wait for the big ones to come and literally wash us ashore. It was much fun for us Canadian novices :)

Yes, the dolphins are as close as they look.
And yes, they did come about this close while we were in the water....

This dolphin was accompanied by another adult dolphin and a baby. We were able to watch them push the baby up to get air... it was SUPER adorable! I'm sad that I wasn't able to get a picture of it...

I know that this is a random picture, but I had to share it, because I think it was cool :)
There were lots of trees that looked like this around the campground. 
Caleb and I wanted to take this one home so that we could climb on it :)

This is what I did most every afternoon.... gotta keep you folks happy :)

We ate some supper.
Had s'mores around the campfire.
Watched more Waltons.
And it was early to bed so we could get up early to spend some last moments on the beach!

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