Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Pauls Family Trip ~ Day 14 (November 15)

Went for a run along the trails at Mill creek ranch/rv park. I made sure to stay on the trail after reading the warning about the possibility of cobras and other deadly snakes hanging around. :)

The campground was really beautiful. There were little ponds and man made waterfalls all over the place, defiantly the best campground we have stayed at so far this trip!

After breakfast we let the kiddoes play...

Then we all played basketball.

First we warmed up...

Then we shot some hoops...

Then it was game time!!

We packed up and left the campground around noon.
We had some time to kill so we went shopping in Terrell, Texas at some outlet stores.

While we were waiting for other family members to come out of the store, Eli decided to be super cute, so naturally I was able to take some super cute photos....

We had to go through/around Dallas, Texas to get to Richardson, which is it's suburb.

Once in Richardson we went to visit Dad's childhood friend Kelly, his sweet wife Laurene and ADORABLE little babe Tejay.

Oh, and let's not forget to mention this gal! Cocoa was such a sweetheart!

Our hosts were brave enough to feed our HUGE family supper. 

SO yummy!!

Does this little face not just make your heart melt?!?!

The Klassens graciously allowed us to pull our beast (RV :) into their driveway.
And so we spent the last (and warmest!) night in Texas.

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Josh and Rebecca Pauls said...

Great pictures Jen! The park looks really nice!! And the outlet stores sound fun! :)
Enjoy the nice weather, the snow is waiting for you! :) And so are we!!!