Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Pauls Family Trip ~ Day 6 (November 7)

We headed out of the park at 7:30 a.m.
Once again shopped at Wal-mart and then found a place at which to dump our “Blacks and grays” :)
The kids (big and little :) piled out of the RV for a bitsy and got rid of some pent up energy.

We arrived at the Maynors (another family we met via blog!) in Elko, Georgia mid- afternoon.

They turned out to be just as sweet as we thought they would be! It wasn’t long before we were chatting, having fun and laughing our heads off :)

Not only did we get to experience meeting these amazing people, but we also got to do some things that we have never done before. 
Such as picking pecans off the ground, cracking them open and eating them. 
Also picking pears and eating them. 

After eating supper we cleaned the dishes, laughed about our Canadian/American differences (it’s a cultural thing right McKenzie?!?!), sang and played the piano some, and played a rousing game of spoons.

Making new friends is awesome :) 

And that was day 6!

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