Saturday, October 2, 2010

Happy 17th Birthday Meggy!

Megan is one of my two BEST friends in the world (the other being my other sis Kerri of course :). 
I'm trying to find words to describe how much Meggy means to me but it is hard. I can't imagine what life would be like without her!

Always ready to hear secrets (as well as keep them), Megan is one of the two people that I share EVERYTHING with.
I'm sure that I get kind of annoying at times... but she still puts up with my jabbering (most of the time... thanks Meg! :).

Megan is always ready to take pictures for me... and for anyone else. And personally, I think she does an AMAZING job at it.
I LOVE how she uses her talent to the best of her ability, loves what she does and is always trying to improve... though I'm not sure how much better she can get then she already is! 

Meg is also AMAZING at working with blogs and creating headers. Without her helping me get MY blog set up and working... I think I would be a lost case :)
She is always the one I turn to when I need help with the computer... or my blog. And it is LOTS of fun working with her.

I LOVE you Meggy, so very very very MUCH!!
You mean the world to me!
Have a VERY Happy Birthday!

Go over to Megan's blog to wish her a Happy Birthday

❀ Jennifer


Megan said...

Sniff Sniff....Thanks Jenny :) That was a sweet post!

Anonymous said...

I love you both so much and I can not forget little Ker Ker!

ya'lls sista Liz