Monday, October 4, 2010

Memories Monday

I was looking through all our picture folders trying to find pictures to post for "Memories Monday", when I came across these pictures from August of 2008.
I just had to smile when I saw these because they brought back a whirlwind of crazy memories.

On Thursday, July 31, 2008... my big brother asked Rebecca's (who is now my sis-in-law) Dad if he could begin a relationship with his daughter. 

We had been "just friends" with Rebecca and her siblings for a couple years and nobody really thought about something like this happening!
This all would have come to a HUGE shock to me if mom had not told me ALL about it the day before (which also happened to be my birthday).

Josh, Meg, Ker and I had spent the evening over at the Penners house playing sports, riding horses and chatting around the campfire. 
It was getting closer and closer to time to go home (all teens have a curfew right???) and I would have been getting worried about the time had I not know that my brother was trying to summon the courage to spring one of the biggest questions of his lifetime... I knew mom and dad would forgive him this time.
All I had to do was keep my little sisters happy :)

It wasn't as easy as I thought it might be. All us girls were waiting outside... for Josh to come out, and my sisters were getting just a tad worried.
"What is taking him so long???"
Becca started talking about the stars (ya know... constellations and stuff) and it worked to keep them quiet for a while :)

Josh FINALLY came outside and we started home.
He told us all that Becca's dad had said YES!!!! We were so excited :)

And so began the journey of us getting to know (what we knew would be) our soon to be sister-in-law... and not to mention the rest of her family :)
Seventeen days later... on August 17, 2008. Josh asked Rebecca to marry him... and the rest is history.

So without further ado, this is August 5, 2008.... 

All of the Penner and Pauls girls went for a day of shopping in the city.
It was... um hard for Rebecca, because Josh wasn't there...well at least not in person :)

Rebecca was texting him the WHOLE day long (Right Becky???)

We've got pictures to prove it :)

 We had a great time shopping, and eating (gotta love chinese!!)....

Bet you didn't think this one would make it on my blog eh Rae?
You DID give me permission to take the picture though... remember??? :)

Rita got a cute little hat....and we had fun bugging her about it :)

And trying to find the right "hair do" for it all the way home :)

We finally found the right one...

Me and Rae

Umm... Josh, Beck and Kerri :)

Megan and Rita

Becka and Ker again! (this time without Josh :)

We all bought Blue Bomber shirts (our football team) because we were going to be going to a football game that week.
We couldn't resist taking a group picture with them on :)

All in all it was a REALLY fun day, buying chocolate, shopping for matching skirts, looking at bridesmaid dresses (remember Rae??), bugging Becky about her new love.... just great fun:)

❀ Jennifer


Rebecca Pauls said...

What a day that was!! Really I should say what a week that was, I was as surprised as you when Josh first mentioned us started a relationship. Some day I really need to post our story right? :)
And I had a great time that day with all my best friends, you gals, are all VERY special to me!!
Love Becky

Anonymous said...

That was a great day!

We should it again some time.

We have all really changed in looks:)

Love you miss you lot's hope to see you soon.

Love you sis Rita

Anonymous said...

O Jen,thanks so much for sharing your "memories"
It was so nice to think back on all those good times we had.
That was an awesome day!!!
I had so MUCH fun!
Yep I remember looking at dressing,great fun girl!!

Love ya lots!