Sunday, October 31, 2010

A new look

Last week I decided that it was now or never.
I've been tempted to try a short hairstyle for a while, but have never been brave enough... because I REALLY like my long hair.


My hair had gotten SO bad with spit ends (my fault for procrastinating on getting hair cuts!) and I figured that I would have to cut at least 2 inches off. So I decided that I would make it 3 1/2 and go for a new style!
I also wanted to do it to learn a little bit more about cutting shorter hair.
So I got it done.
My hair is SHORT!!!
I like it, but I still like long hair...So I decided the next day that I will be growing it out :)


What do you think???

❀ Jennifer


Sereina said...

It looks super cute, Jenny!

Shelby said...

hmmm... cute! but I like it long too. I decided I was gonna get mine cut short too, so I had to grit my teeth and do it. =) I liked it longer too. =)

Anonymous said...

It looks great on you Jen!!!
I'll bet it feels really different.
But I REALLY like long hair on you to!! :)
I love you LOTS girl!


Anonymous said...

Hey Sis!

I love the new picture of you!
You look very PRETTY!
Not much longer till you know when!

Love ya lots, Lizzy

Josh and Rebecca Pauls said...

I love it girl!!!! And by the way so does Josh. You look so cute and huggable, speaking of which, it's been a while.:)
Miss you!!
Love Us

kmwiebe said...

Love. :)

Anonymous said...

It really suits you!