Saturday, October 9, 2010

Indian Summer

I don't know how many of you know about "indian summers" but I thought that I would just let you all know, that we are having it. 
And it has been WONDERFUL.
Here is what we got on a "weather update" email yesterday...

The tell-tale signs of an Indian Summer

Thanks to the timely onset of an Indian Summer this past week, harvest progress finally gained significant momentum across the Prairies. Prairie-wide harvest is now over 56 per cent complete compared to 34 per cent last week.

By definition, an Indian Summer cannot occur until there has been a wide-spread killing frost. On the Prairies, Indian Summers are generally associated with high pressure accompanied by an upper air ridge over northern parts of the country, effectively blocking the flow of cold air and low pressure systems across Western Canada. Warm, southern temperatures are then pulled northward, where they circulate over a region, giving us the above-normal temperatures we’ve seen this week.

They can last as little as two to three or as long as ten days. In rare instances, they have been recorded for over two weeks or can even occur more than once during the fall. Indian Summers come to an end with the arrival of a strong cold front with a low-pressure system, often resulting in rain or snow fall. This dramatic shift to cooler temperatures creates a shift in the jet stream, flowing northern air in the atmosphere and ultimately signaling a return to typical fall weather patterns.

So it seems like we'll be good until we get some rain... or snow. Then cold weather will come with a bang!
Right now our tempertures are ranging from 26C to 20C (79F to 70F). Normals for this time of the year are 12C (54F)!

We are so thankful to God for allowing us this short "warm" season in which we can get some serious work done! (not to mention all the extra football that we get to play :)

Right now the guys are working on cleaning out the corrals, another thing to mark off of the fallwork checklist!
And it is good for you that I can't post the smell :)

❀ Jennifer

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