Saturday, October 16, 2010

Of Whole Wheat Bread, a Countdown and a Birthday!

Our family started making our own whole wheat bread about 10 years ago as well as having sandwiches for lunch.
Every week we make a new batch and (give or take some) we use approx. 1.5 loaves a day.
This turns out to be approximately 360 loaves a bread a year.
I figured that I've probably made about 1200 loaves of bread in my lifetime (does that make me an expert yet??? :).

Why am I randomly bringing this up?

Well it came to my attention just yesterday that we are now starting to use 2 loaves of bread at one sitting. 
That means making 2 batches (of 5 loaves) a week. 
That also means that we will be bringing our "yearly bread intake" up about 120 loaves a year.
And I have a feeling that that number will grow yearly (we have 6 growing boys coming up folks :).

I wonder how many loaves of bread I will have made before/if I leave home?

On other news...

Today marks 3 weeks until we leave for Tennessee to visit our AMAZING friends the Muncks!
I'm like TOTALLY excited :) It seems like FOREVER since we last visited them.

The Muncks and the Pauls' visit April 2010

It will be amazing spending time with our USA sisters again! MMMISS you girls!


Today is Zachary's 10th birthday!!

Here are a couple of things that I LOVE about Zachary....
- He loves to play football and is OFTEN begging his sisters to join him.
- He is sometimes very hard to be upset or serious with because he is always VERY dramatic and has the funniest faces!
- He is the kind of boy that NEVER stops moving or making some sort of noise from his mouth. Whenever Zach comes in the house... the noise level IMMEDIATELY goes up :)
- Zach is very fast, he can beat his big brother Caleb in a foot race. 
- He is VERY hard to cover while playing football cause he is so little and fast. (check out the music video that Megan just made to see what I mean :P)
- He always has the funniest things to say, and often makes his big sisters LAUGH and LAUGH :)

I LOVE you Zachary! 
Have a HAPPY, HAPPY birthday!

P.s. Also a BIG happy birthday to Stephen Munck!!!

❀ Jennifer


Josh and Rebecca Pauls said...

Happy Birthday Zachary!!
You are very special!
And keep up the bread baking girl, you will never be sorry you did it! By the way it is delicious!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Zach!
Have a great year!!

Well Jenny,Yes I think that would probably make you an expert :)
way to go girl!!

I'm sure you'll have a great time in Tennessee,I'll miss you!

Love ya girl!!