Friday, October 22, 2010

The Pauls' Amazing Race

For Jesse's birthday mom came up with the neat idea of doing an "Amazing Race" for the kids... at least I thought it was going to be for the kids. 

Turned out that Ker and I got very much involved too.
We split up into 2 teams, with Ker and I being the team captains. 
Team #1 was.... Kerri, Zachary, Jesse and Brooke.
Team #2 was.... Caleb, Nathan, Mikaya and I.
Megan was video taping and taking pictures.

I'm an EXTREMELY competitive person (I got that from my daddy :) so this whole thing really got my adrenaline pumping.
It was fun.

We got points for doing the best, being the fastest and there were also bonus points involved.

Here are some of the things that we had to do....
(there are not very many pictures because Megan was spending most of the time video taping... may be blogged in the future ;)

- Run around Josh and Rebecca's house 3 times in less then 1 min.

- Get the chickens to eat as much chop as possible in a short period of time.

- Pick a carrot at least 6 inches long, peel and eat it.

- Make a weiner stick... best stick got the most points.

- Bounce a basket ball 10 times in a circle, miss the circle loose points.
- Make a tower out of Jenga blocks, fastest got most points.
- Blindfold a person and have them make a lego car, best car won. (this was my personal favorite... I was the blindfolded one :)
- Have a soccer shoot out, 10 shots... 1 point for each goal. Our team went for the bonus points and got 3 out of 3, if we missed one we would have lost 3 points.
- Find as many seeds as you can (natural grown seeds)
- Fill 3 garbage bags with leaves without a rake.
- Bring 20 logs from the wood pile into the wood shed under 5 min. We also went for the bonus points on this one and got 10 extra logs.
- Complete a quiz, more right answers got ya more points!
- Make a birthday card for Zach or Jesse, best card got the most points.

After all that... we tallied up all the points....
Team #1.... 205 points.
Team #2.... 211 points.

WE WON!!!!
It was all very exciting :)

Side note:
I bet you are all wondering why I haven't been blogging very much as of late, well our family has been busy, busy, BUSY. We have been trying to race the weather to get ready for winter... and our trip south.
Bringing wood in, getting our skating shack cleaned, moving bales... ect.
Pictures to come!

❀ Jennifer

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Ooh, that sounds like lots of fun!