Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A "new" car, pictures of wood and a birthday!

If you are all wondering about my absence, well, we have been BUSY!!! We only have about 10 days before we leave on our trip, and we have had ALOT to get done! Go to mom's blog if you want to see pictures of what we've been up to.

It's not exactly new.... and it's not exactly all ours.... but it sure is cute! :)
We went to the city to shop for cars yesterday... and Josh and Dad now
co-own a 2007 Toyota Matrix!

Now... I KNOW that this is a really bad picture, please forgive me :)
I did take it, it was in a cramped shop, the lighting was bad and to top it all off... I'm not the best of photographers. :)
I was frustrated that the camera didn't want to take the true color. It really is a REALLY cool sharp blue.... and I like it alot.

And while I was in the shop... I decided to *try* to take a picture of our HUGE pile of wood. (Please note again... I'm not the greatest photographer.... but I did my best under the circumstances :)*
These pictures don't really do justice to how HUGE the pile is.... it really is quite a bit taller then me...


Do you think that we'll have enought wood for the winter?

And last but not least... today is Caleb's birthday!!!

Caleb is an amazing little brother.
Here are a few things that I love about him...
- He is always the first one to encourage his big sisters when they create something cool :)
- He is AMAZINGLY creative. I'm often awed by his creations.
- He loves to draw.
- He has a great mind for math, and is fun to teach.
- He is really great with the kids and is VERY helpful when we are busy and need a hand to take care of them.
- He is a great example to his little brothers.

I LOVE you Caleb!
Happy Birthday!

❀ Jennifer


Anonymous said...

Hey girl looks like you have been busy,nice car!
It looks good!
Happy Birthday Caleb!!
Have a great year!

Love ya Jenny!


kmwiebe said...

Hahaha...You're funny, Jennifer...

Tell Caleb, "Happy Birthday" from me, kay? Now that you've revealed he draws, I'm curious...Would he ever be up to sharing some of his work? (Posting a scan, I mean?)

J J J Girls said...

happy birthday Caleb!!! What are some of his creations?