Monday, June 6, 2016

A Perfect Day

You know those weeks that leave you feeling like you just need a good, uplifting, refreshing Sunday? A Sunday that gives you a good kick in the right direction and leaves you feeling that you are ready to conquer anything?
Last week was one those weeks and this Sunday was one of those Sundays.
We had an amazing time of worship with our church family, lunch at one of our favorite restaurants, a relaxing afternoon with great friends, our first campfire of the season (with goooood food, you can check out the recipe for the dessert we had at Ker's Blog "Singing in the Kitchen"), and ended off the day huddled around the windows watching a storm.
Sounds like a perfect day right?? :)

 Momma making food. She may have been getting annoyed at me for taking so many pictures... :)

If you haven't had steak grilled by my Dad over a campfire... you have not had steak. Thee best.

Taylor and her mama stopped by to say "hi".
This little face. My heart can hardly stand the cuteness.

Love this girl! <3


The kids played a game of... um, I'm not exactly sure what it is called. All I know is that it involves a lot of empty milk jugs and produces a lot of laughter and fun.

As our company was getting ready to leave, Zach ran into the house and told me to come take a picture of the sky. The storm was getting ready to hit our yard, but I was able to snap a couple of pictures  just before the first rain drops fell. We ended up getting a little bit of hail, but mostly just heavy rain.
This view though. Was amazing.

Like I said. Perfect day.

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Anonymous said...

It was a perfect day. <3. We had a ton of fun with y'all!! Thanks for having us!
Shay Shay