Thursday, June 30, 2016

Goodbye June

Well that was fun!
Today is the last day of June, which means it is also the last day of "Hello June"!

Right now I am giving Mikey morning snuggles.
Soon, we will be on our way to help Henry and Megan move to their new house.
(Moving day!!!!)
Needless to say, my day is going to be full, and I know I'm not going to have time for a lengthy blog post, so I just wanted to pop in and congratulate myself (Haha!). And also congratulate my sisers Becca and Meg. This was challenging for me, and I don't even have any kids! ;)
Loved doing this again with you gals! <3

(Since we didn't quite get it together to take a picture together this year,
last year's will have to do :)

Another June past.
Goodbye June.
Who is ready for July??

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