Friday, June 24, 2016

When the boys are gone (picture addition)...

As promised... pictures!
Yesterday we had a hotdog roast for supper.

You already know what happened last night. ;) Sadly, I didn't get any pictures of our hilarious workout and yummy blizzards. Was having to much fun I guess. :)

Today, we took a picnic lunch up to Starmound.

The moms just could not get it together! ;)

This is Mary. She braved our crazy and joined in our adventures.
Love this girl!

After spending a couple of hours at Starmound, we came home, did some relaxing and played some card games. Our good friend Joanna showed up to join us. Once again... I didn't get any pictures of us playing "Cheat", but just imagine a bunch of good girls trying to be cheaters... and you'll get the picture. Fun, hilarious, as always. ;)

Ended the evening off with some good conversation.

And, of course... lots of laughs! (Thanks Joanna for these pictures!)

Now we are about to watch a movie, eat some more junk food, and do some more girl stuff.
More pictures coming up tomorrow!

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