Sunday, June 12, 2016

Sunday Smiles

I took these pictures one day about a week ago.  Everyone was busy that day, mowing grass, working in the garden. Even the "grandkids" helped out (as long as they got a ride on the quad! :). I always laugh (well... maybe not out loud, but inside) when I see those kids being put to work by their aunts and uncles. I guess that is what happens when you live on the same yard and basically spend all day every day together. :)
There are only a few pictures and they are quite bad quality because of the editing program I used, (Plus I had kind of forgotten how to use my camera... ya, it had been that long.) but what is a Sunday morning without a few smiles right??

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Anonymous said...

Sunday smiles are the best-est!!! ;):)

Shay Shay