Thursday, June 9, 2016

Though the storm

It is past midnight and I am sitting on the window seat watching the lightening storm. I am the only one awake, so the house is quite enough for me to hear the raindrops fall gently on the window.

I could watch lightening for hours, it is a visual reminder to me of how powerful and awesome God is. 

The flashes are continuously brightening the sky, the rain falling harder now and the wind picking up speed as the storm draws closer. 

Being a farmer's daughter, storms carry a different meaning. Unlike some who can simply sit and enjoy watching a it, there are mixed feelings that accompany each one. A single storm could destroy our whole crop, and I can't shake the helpless feeling. Our livelihood is at the mercy of God, and beyond praying for protection for the crops, all we can do is rely on Him to do the thing that is best for our family.
Yet I still feel awe, amazement, and wonder, not being able to help enjoying each clap of thunder. 

Others now have been awakened by the fury of the storm. Together we watch and wait. We wonder and we pray. 
(And we check the radar :)

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