Saturday, June 4, 2016

Smoothie thief

I tried to like green tea. I drank it every day for weeks, tried it hot, cold... lukewarm, but still had to choke it down.
Why drink it then?
It is amazing stuff! My favorite thing about it is that it helps with water retention, but it is also good for boosting energy (hello caffeine!), assisting weight loss, and it has a host of nutrients in it that are healthy for the body.
I went searching on Pinterest for a way to ingest this stuff without making a face because of the taste. And... I found a Green Tea Smoothie recipe that is sugar free and all around healthy.
I have never been a fan of smoothies, I believe with my first sip I said it tasted like Pepto Bismal... which is ridiculous because I've never actually tasted it. I guess I was being dramatic. 
Anyway, over time, I learned to like it. Actually, I more than just like it now, I can't get enough of the stuff.

And apparently, neither can Mikey. I have let him have a taste a couple of times, and he loves it. When I tried to take a picture of the smoothie yesterday, the little sneak stole it.

Green Tea Smoothie
1/2 of a frozen banana
1/2 cup of frozen strawberries
3 or 4 icecubes
2 donks stevia (or sweetener of your choice)
2 tbsp. yogurt (I use Oikos greek yogurt)

Chilled green tea

- Place ingredients in a blender.
- Add enough green tea to get the desired consistency (I use approx. 2 cups)
- Blend and enjoy!

Per serving: 129 calories; 0.3g fat; 28.6g Carbs, 3.6g fiber; 5g protein

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Anonymous said...

That smoothie looks really good! Cute lil Mikey... 😂💜
Shay Shay