Tuesday, November 15, 2016


The end of another day in Tuscon.
Today was much like every day has been so far. It has been interesting watching campers roll in and out as the weekend has come and gone. We have met so many different people. Some living here because they just moved from a different state. Some spending their winter months here, escaping the cold. Some traveling, stopping in different states for an extended period of time. Some here for a weekend get-away. And then others, like us, who are here for a couple of weeks on vacation.

This evening I smiled as I listened to an older gentleman talk passionately about politics for an hour. I laughed inwardly, as I was playing JJ Heller's new album (Unto Us) while I was applying makeup, and a sweet lady exclaimed "I love Christmas music!" then proceeded to sing the lyrics as she walked out of the bathroom. 
Both of those people got me thinking. Why am I not as vocal, and enthusiastic about what I believe in? 
The man that seriously barely took breaths in-between each sentence, told us that he spends about six hours everyday (because... he has time :) reading about politics. 
I wondered what would happen if I was even a fraction of being that passionate about my faith. Or the things that I stand for. Or the goals that I want to achieve in life. 
How many more people could I reach if I wasn't afraid to be more vocal? To sing along unashamedly in public so-to-speak.

Anyway... my thoughts ran away on me. :)
Mom, Dad and I went to get groceries on bikes this afternoon. I had planned to take pictures of the kiddos at the pool, but they had already finished swimming when we got back. So I took pictures of Mom and Dad. Cause they are kinda cute too. ;)

Oh, and these two.

I hope to have another video to upload for y'all tomorrow. But we'll see. 
Until then!

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