Sunday, November 20, 2016

Carlsbad Caverns

Adventure time.
We went to the Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico.
The Caverns were only a fifteen minute drive from where we spent the night, so it we got there nice and early, just in time to miss the line-ups.

Of course, for us, there is always that bathroom line-up. No matter where we go...

The Caverns. 
Wow, wow, wow.
I believe I said that about a million or more times.
It honestly felt at times like we were in a cathedral. God's cathedral. 
There are no words, nor pictures that could possibly describe the beauty. But I will try my best.

This is the entrance to the Cavern. Once we got out of sight of it, we would not see daylight until we reached the top again. We traveled 800 feet underground. 
I am a bit of a claustrophobic type, but the cavern was SO huge that it barely felt like we were so deep into the earth.

Goodbye sky!

It was really hard taking pictures, because obviously... there was little light to be found down there. So, these pictures aren't the greatest quality. And like I said before, can do NO justice to the beauty and enormity of the cavern.

 Mikey absolutely loved it down there! He liked the echo, and was singing most of the time we were walking the trails.

Waiting for the slow people. :)

This is the tip of a HUGE rock that used to be suspended from the roof of the cave.

Here shows how people used to climb down deeper into the cave. 
Never would I ever.

Mirror lake. It took me a little bit to figure out why the sign was upside down and backwards. You can't tell, but the water made a perfect, clear mirror image.

It was really humid in the cave. The signs said 90% humidity. 
Below is a stalactite that is still forming. Take my word for it, it was HUGE.

At the end of the tour, some of us decided to take the elevator up instead of making the 1.2 mile, 800 ft climb back to the top. Dad, myself, Mom, and Brooke (she is my little adventure buddy) made it up in 27 minutes. Let me just say that we might feel that tomorrow...

As we reached the top, and stopped to breathe pant the fresh air, this little road runner greeted us. It took us quite a while for him to get close enough to take a picture of him, so when he did, I took a LOT. Forgive me, he is just far to cute. I wanted to take him home.

I also saw a coyote on the road yesterday. So the trip south was officially worth it. ;)

This is a model of the cavern.
The building at the top is the visitor centre, where we started. The clear tube thingy (I am terrific at explaining things) that is directly beneath it is the elevator. Those of us who did not ride to the top had to see what it felt like. So we rode down, then immediately back up. It was worth it.

You can also see the area that we toured, the paths and such. This kind of gives a bit of perspective to how HUGE it is. I know I've said that a couple of times already. But really. It's huge.

Anyway. That was today's adventure!
I would recommend visiting the Carlsbad Cavern if you are ever in the area. 
It. Is. Amazing.

Right now we are somewhere in Texas. I forget the name of the town... oops.
We drove about three hours, and are slowly but surely making our way closer to home!

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