Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Dodge City Zoo

Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, now Kansas, we are traveling home.
This is the twentieth day of our trip. Today we drove only four hours in the northernly direction. We stopped at Dodge City, Kansas, to visit a free zoo. We had gone there two years ago, and decided to stop again to break up the hours that we spend cooped up in the RV. 

Yesterday we drove about six hours from Lubbock, Texas to Liberal, Kansas. We are now spending the night in Salina, Kansas.

I’ll leave you with some pictures from today...

Kerri and Zach, round two.

Selfie, cause... it's been a while. :)

We made this. :)

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Anonymous said...

I am always excited that you traveled through Kansas, my state. The next time you are here you might want to visit the Cosmosphere and Strataca, both located in Hutchinson, Kansas just 50 miles southwest of Salina. The Cosmosphere is a wonder history of space travel. The museum has some of the actual space suits, rockets, etc. About 20 years ago we took a college student from Russia there and he told us that he learned more about Russian space travel there than he ever heard about while growing up in Moscow. The last time we were there, they also had a large section of the Berlin Wall. Strataca is a very large salt mine museum. Much of the area already mined are storage vaults. I have not been there because I am quite uneasy being underground, but I think the tour is about an hour or more in length and takes place on trams. The vaults (areas already mined) are used for climate controlled storage space rented by large companies, major movie producers, etc. My family has been there and found it quite interesting. One caveat, though. Both of these attractions require purchased tickets and possibly reservations. But it would be worth checking into. God Speed your trip home.