Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Rest and Relaxation

Day seven of our vacation. I took some pictures of us all at the pool yesterday, but didn't get around to posting them because we were using the computer to watch movies. It was really windy yesterday, today, and promises to be tomorrow. So it hasn't been as nice outside for swimming, and such. As a result, we've been only swimming once a day, and then just relaxing the rest of the day.

We are having so much fun!
I love being able to jump out of our little trailer in the morning after sleeping in, in shorts and a tank top. It gets cold-ish at night (sweater weather) but warms up so fast that we hardly notice the cold. It has actually been perfect for us in the trailer because we don't have any air conditioning, and it cools off to just the right temperature for us to snuggle under our blankets. 

Anyway, back to the pool...

Today, I only took a few pictures with my iPhone. Decided to give the camera a break for the day. :) 

My favorite part of the day was being able to take some moments to relax and read. Reading is a passion of mine that has been put on the back burner because of lack of time. Today, I took a book to the pool, relaxed on the couch, watch the sun set behind the scenery of mountains and palm trees, and just breathed. Ahhh...

Anyhoo, the trailer gang is waiting for me so we can get our party started. :)
Until tomorrow!

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Shayla Thiessen said...

looks like fun! missing you all!