Sunday, November 13, 2016

Perfect Day

Can I be super sappy and say, "It's a perfect ending to a perfect day."? 
We had the best of everything today. 
Perfect weather. 
Some "Me and Jesus" time by the pool.
A great online sermon from Hope City
Ice cream. 
And finally, the Super Moon.

Right now, I'm sitting outside at the patio table, staring at the moon every few moments. The kiddos are off with their mama, running around the campground with glow sticks. Some of us are relaxing. 

I feel... happy. I feel like I can trust bigger. The creator is looking out for me.

God does this for us y'all. He didn't have to make the world beautiful. He didn't have to create these natural phenomenons, but He did. For us to enjoy.
This is the closest the moon has been in 68 years, so go out and enjoy the view!

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