Friday, November 18, 2016

Today is the sixteenth day {Update}

Hey all!
I just wanted to give you a quick update. I feel bad about not really blogging for the past couple of days.
Our plan was to leave Tuscon today, but last night we ended up with some literal crossed wires on the RV, so we are staying here another day to get that fixed.
I am kind of glad that we get to spend one last day here. Yesterday was windy and cold, so we didn't get to be outside as much as we would have liked.
Ok, ya, it was still 22 degrees. But for us who are now used to 25 degrees with no wind, it was cold. Call us Arizona-fied.
Anyway, today is supposed to get to 26 degrees with no wind. So we will be able to enjoy one last nice day before heading out.

Today is the sixteenth day of our trip. Some moments it feels like we have been away from home forever, and some moments it feels like our journey just began.
I am looking forward to hitting the northern trail for a couple more adventures before finally reaching home, and the people that I love and miss.

I will take LOTS of pictures today and post them tonight. Get ready. :)

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