Tuesday, November 29, 2016

We've been here a while...

We are home.
Ha, the last couple of traveling days, I wasn't able to post, and then I completely forgot to do the final post once we got home.

If I remember correctly, we traveled for about six hours and stopped in North Sioux City for the night. Then the next day, the remaining ten-ish hours home.

Ah, it feels so good to be back.
We've unpacked the RV, slept in our beds, hugged all the people that we missed, cleaned the house, and started school again. Today, actually, was the first day back at it.

Ya, so anyway.
Just wanted to let you know we are not stuck somewhere in the States. Not like you thought that. But if I were reading this blog, I would be wondering. So if you are like me... wonder no more.

Hope you enjoyed coming along with us! :)

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