Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Adventures with little brothers

Ker had an appointment in town today, and since there were a million errands to run (farmers don't get a lot of free time to shop...), she and I made a day of it. 
We took along these three little boys, and had an adventure.


When you are in a car waiting for an errand to finish being run... silly faces are the main pass time. (Little boys are all about them silly faces. :)


Toy purchases are a must.


We got to hang out with Megan and her kiddos for lunch. 


These four had a grand time, eating sugar and making messes. :)


Then it was back to errands... and silly faces.


Of course we had to end our day with a trip to DQ! 


My favorite part of the day was listening to conversations that little boys have. 

"I wonder why mom and the girls go for walks and runs all the time." 
"They do it to burn calories so they can eat more food!"
"And because if you eat to much calories, you get FAT!"

Jaden: *Sigh* I am going to be a very hairy man. 
Eli: I am going to be gray and hairy.

The biggest debate of the day was whether your eyeballs move when you move your head. This argument went on for some time, with many exaggerated demonstrations.

It was a fun filled day. :)

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Shayla Thiessen said...

lol, love the little guys!! oh and you and Ker too Jen ;) :) <3