Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Imperfect, Perfectly


Messed up. 
There are not many out there who are one hundred percent happy with who they are.
The flaw that you perceive may be physical. You may feel like your personality is imperfect. Or perhaps you think that the way you react and interact with people is messed up.
The truth may be that we are imperfect. Maybe I am socially awkward. Maybe my nose is long and pointed, or my hair is to thin. Maybe I am wound to tightly and don't enjoy life as much as I could. Whatever the imperfection that you see in yourself, let me share something that I have been learning recently.

God doesn't make mistakes.
Everything you see in yourself that you think is messed up, God sees as perfect. 
(Besides, obviously, those things we choose to do that degrades who we were originally meant to be.)
You were not accidentally and mistakenly made. You were fearfully and wonderfully made.
He took care in creating you exactly the way you are. 

Don't let the fear of what other's think of you dissuade you from being you.
Perfectly imperfect you.



Shayla Thiessen said...

i love this. <3

Anonymous said...

I wanted to tnank you for this good read!! I definitely enjoyed every little biit of it.
I have got you book marked to lkok at new stuff you post…