Thursday, June 22, 2017

An Overnight Bag

I never expected that I would pack an overnight bag before I was an expectant mother, waiting to meet a little one of my own. But working at the Hope Home has taught me to expect the unexpected, which I totally love. So whenever I go now, I throw together an overnight bag.
There are also other spontaneous adventures that happen, like today for instance. I unexpectedly was given an opportunity to have my first city driving experience. Which, may seem quite ridiculous for my age, but when any city trip is made into an event for us country folk, there are always much better and more experienced drivers than me that are coming along. Thus, I just haven't needed to drive there yet.
Anyway. I didn't die, so "Yay!".
I actually had a blast buzzing around the city.
(even though, at the beginning, I was so nervous that I was sweating, and felt like throwing up).
Once again can I say... country girl?!
I love that my new job is stretching me beyond my limits.

It is also stretching my views on how incredibly blessed I am. Y'all, I AM BLESSED.

Since I need to catch some sleep before our upcoming weekend (aka, our annual girls party!!), and need to keep this short, I want to leave you with just a simple thought tonight.

Don't take the life that God has blessed you with for granted.
Enjoy it, be present in it, and use it to be His light to others.

Goodnight all.

P.s. Sorry if this post doesn't make much sense. I'm serious about the needing sleep thing. :)
P.p.s. I realize that I probably should have just posted pictures of the herb garden instead.
P.p.p.s. But I'm saving those for something "unexpected". ;)
P.p.p.p.s. Kape, I'm going to bed now.

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Shayla Thiessen said...

haha, loves you <3 and yay for girls party!!!