Thursday, June 29, 2017

Dream List #71

Number seventy one.
To complete all of the workouts on Jillian Michaels "Body Revolution".

This might seem like a strange thing to put on my Dream List, so specific. I mean WHY Jillian Michaels? And WHY a three month program?!? (This was the question I asked myself over and over as I was trying to complete the goal. :)
But the meaning behind finishing this one for me was huge.

To be consistent with something for that long (three months) is not an easy thing for me. It is my mountain.
I had tried several times to finish it, but I never quite got there.
To me, finishing this would mean that I could do a lot more than I thought I could. Once I scaled that mountain, I knew I would be able to look forward to a larger one, a more obvious and glaring one.

So, I worked out through sickness. I doubled up on workouts when I missed a week because I almost gave up. I doubled up on workouts before we went on vacation to Flordia. I cried, I sweat (buckets), and finally... I did it!
It wasn't pretty, but I did it!

And you know what?
It felt amazing. :)

I just want to encourage you all. Even if you think you can't... you can. You always can.
I can't tell you how many times I tried and failed at this one, the point is, don't. give. up.
Don't allow failure to be your stopping point, rather allow it to be stepping blocks on your way to slaying that goal.

You've got this.


Anonymous said...

You go girl! You is amazing!
I love your determination and tenacity!!

Jennifer said...

Thanks Mandy!! <3

Shayla Thiessen said...

you are soo amazing Jenny. loves ya <3