Sunday, June 25, 2017

Spa Day

We started off the second day of our girl's weekend with brunch. 
Crepes with fresh fruit. 
Thee. Best.

Then, Ker, Becca, and I set up shop in the family room and... "Spa Day" began.
The plan was to do a mini photo shoot with each gal, but sadly the weather was to rainy. So, we snapped a few inside instead.
Shay grabbed the camera and took some of these pictures for me while I was doing hair.

Ker was the makeup artist.

These little girls were super excited to get their makeup done!

She is so good she can do it with her eyes closed. ;)

Manicures and pedicures done by Becs and Ker.

Of course, Ker had to pamper herself as well. :)








I love these beautiful gals. <3

Of course, the girls had to play dress up after getting their hair and makeup done!

After getting all prettied up, it was time to break out the food again...

Flattering, I know.

Fruit salad.
SO amazing.

Once we finished with supper, I gave Mandy a haircut, and we watched some more "Counting On". 

Because we stuffed our bellies with such fantastic food, we thought it would be a good idea to get a good workout in.
So we pulled out a hip-hop dance workout. Upon failing miserably trying to pick up on the hip-hop moves, (it's harder than it looks guys...) we decided to switch to something that would be more in our blood... country dancing.
We yeehaw-ed, yahoo-ed, and just completely slayed that dance workout. :)
Sorry, I have no pictures of this event. I was to busy swinging my partner round and round. ;)

Then... movie night with these three beauties!

Ker and Becs had to get a picture without holding food in their hands, but the truth is that whenever we have movie night... we eat well, thanks to these two.

We watched the movie "I Am Not Ashamed". It was REALLY good.
Then we continued to talk, laugh, and share our hearts until four o'clock in the morning. For some reason we thought a couple hours of sleep would be a good idea. :)

And that was day two of our weekend adventure!

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Shayla Thiessen said...

oh that day was SO much fun!!!