Sunday, November 9, 2014

A Wonder

Are you ready to see lots of pictures of the Grand Canyon??
Good! Because this, the seventh day, was spent there almost entirely.
In the morning we rode the shuttle bus on what was called the "hermit route" along the rim of the canyon.

We stopped at several points (lookouts) along the way. There were shuttle buses that came along every fifteen minutes, so we changed buses often! It was quite an adventure keeping everyone together and making sure that no one got left behind!

We reached the end of the road to a place which was called "Hermit's Rest". Since it was getting to be early afternoon already, we bought a few snacks at the shop before heading back to look at some more canyon.

At one point, instead of taking the shuttle to the next point... we hiked for one mile along the ridge. As you can see by the picture below... there were no railings. The path got so close to the drop off at times that if you slipped... well lets just say that we all held on extra tight to our little "buddies"! 
I loved every second of it! (adventure junkie!!)

After heading back to our campsite to eat a late lunch/early supper, we headed back out to the Grand Canyon, this time taking a shuttle bus in the opposite direction. 
At our first stop was the beginning of a trail which goes all the way down to the bottom of the canyon. It is more then a one day journey to go down and come back up! We hiked a little ways down the trail, just so we could say that we hiked down into the canyon. :)

Once we all made it back up to the top, we took the shuttle to a point that was said to be a good place to watch the sunset. We watched the sun go down, then headed back to our campsite.

Such an amazing experience to be able to see one of the seven wonders of the world.
God's handiwork.
So beautiful.
So awesome.
So unforgettable.

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