Thursday, November 6, 2014

Arizona Now

We left the city of Santa Rosa at around eight traveling towards the Grand Canyon.
On the way we had "The Adventures of Jonathan Park" playing for the kids. In the fictional story, they talked about getting petrified trees at a National park in Arizona for the museum they were building.
After traveling about five hours and arriving in the state of Arizona, we went to the visitor centre and learned that there actually is a Petrified Forest National Park close to where we were at.
We decided to check it out. 

It was so cool that the kids were able to learn about the creationist view on petrification and how the "forests" got placed where they were before we even knew that the area actually existed.
It was an amazing experience!
The road we traveled on was twenty-eight miles long with places that you stop to hike to see ruins, beautiful scenery and of course... lots and lots of petrified trees!
After that adventure, we went out to eat at Taco Bell before stopping for the night in Holbrook, Arizona. 

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