Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Dodge City (Part 1)

We traveled south from nine o'clock until noon today, this time with a destination - Dodge City, Kansas.

I remembered today why Kansas is my favourite state to drive through... such beautiful land.

After eating lunch in the parking lot of the visitor centre, we began exploring the history of this famous city in "Boot Hill" (Dodge City's Museum).
If you know me, you know that I love all things history and all things western... so it was kind of like a dream for me! I took so many pictures that I didn't even get half of them on this post, and since there are so many, this day will be two parts.

Yes, we did buy it :)

This sweet "general store clerk" gave everyone samples of the many different kinds of fudge they had on display.

The boys had WAY to much fun with these guns...

Trying to replicate the "shoot out" that was on display...

Grandma Rowley... this china piece reminded me of you, and my heart decided that I miss you. 
I can just see you painting something like this!

The Pauls children quite literally filled up the school!

Can you spot all the pigeons??

Kerri's place! :)

Elijah LOVES trains. He was over the moon about getting to go inside of one!!

And that was part one of our adventure in Dodge City!

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