Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The tenth day

We left Tombstone mid-morning, after taking some final remembrance pictures.

We drove about an hour until we got to Tuscon, Arizona and a KOA Campground.
This campground is the best! Citrus trees, an OPEN pool, a fitness centre... all of which we have been taking full advantage.

We made some lemonade with the lemons found fallen off the tree. The kids were so excited!
The whole campground has a citrus smell, and now our RV smells like lemons. :)

The temperature got to a high of plus twenty six here today... hence as soon as we were settled, we headed outdoors to soak up some warm sunny goodness!

In the evening there was a band playing. They played mostly folk music, but also some bluegrass and gospel. They were all very musically talented!

When this kids were all in bed, us four oldest went to the fitness centre and did some working out. It was a fun "first time" experience for us! We plan to be ripped by the time we leave this campground ;)

That brings us to the end of the tenth day of our vacation!


McKenzie Elizabeth said...

Fun! That is so neat that there were lemons growing right where you were staying.
lol-Farm kids are already strong...Who needs the gym:)

Looks like y'all are having a marvelous time!

Josh and Rebecca Pauls said...

What a beautiful campground!! The pool looks AMAZING!! Love the gym pictures, so funny, wish I could have been there! Andy keeps saying we should go there someday. :)
Love you all much!!