Tuesday, November 4, 2014

First Day

I will be writing about each day before it ends, then posting it along with pictures as I have internet access. This post was written two days ago...

Hello blog readers!
I am posting this from the United States of America where we are on the very first day of our two thousand fourteen family vacation!
As I did last year, I will be posting each day’s adventures as it comes (limited of course to the amount of wifi we encounter).

This year we have no advanced plans, only that we are traveling in the direction of the Grand Canyon. There is not a single jot on a schedule for the next three weeks-or-so and we hope to just taking every day in stride, enjoying the time that we are able to share together.

Today we hit the road after spending our last Sunday at our home church for some time. We said “goodbye” to family and friends over a Dairy Queen lunch and hit the road, crossing over the Canadian/USA border mid-afternoon.

We headed straight to Grand Forks where we ran some errands and got stocked up on groceries.
After a brief stop in Fargo for gas, we continued on until we reached a Wal-mart in Brookings, South Dakota , where we are spending the night.

Here are a few pictures of fun and ice-cream! :)

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