Thursday, November 20, 2014

El Paso

I tried to upload a couple of pictures from today... but unfortunately the wifi here isn't co-operating. So... words.

We left the campground and Tuscon at seven thirty early.
Our journey home always includes some shopping time. Since we knew it wouldn't work out to stop in Grand Forks as we usually do (due to the cold) we planned a shopping day in El Paso, Texas. It was a four hour drive from where we were at, so we wanted to get an early start.

Upon arriving at the Outlet Mall, it was lunch time... so we had our first "Whataburger" experience. (yum, yum!)
Then it was time to shop, and shop!
As we went between stores, the sun was shining, the weather warm... yet there were christmas trees, decorations and christmas music playing. It was quite strange, I cannot imagine experiencing a christmas without cold and snow!

The drive to the RV park took us through El Paso, and now we are settled in our campsite with an amazing view of the city lights.
Tomorrow, we make a beeline for home sweet home.

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