Monday, November 10, 2014

Cacti and Mountains

We left behind Grand Canyon National Park early and began travelling farther south. Approximately eight hours later (after shopping for groceries for the next couple of days) we arrived in Tombstone, Arizona.

I managed to erase all of the pictures that I took while we were traveling, although there were not many anyway. So just imagine for me okay? An RV filled to the brim. Laughter, crying, fighting, playing, hugs and scoldings… it all happens.
Lunch time comes and all the little ones find their place on the floor to eat (they are not allowed to eat on the couches! Can anyone say messy?!?!) and the volume rises as they wait their turn then falls to silence as they fill their bellies.
Once the meal and the after lunch clean up is finished, normal travel resumes.

Outside we notice that the weather is changing with the scenery.
Mountains are coming in to view and the cacti become taller and taller until they are the size of those big ones that you see in the movies and on post cards...  so many of them! You can even see some on the very top of some mountains, they seem to rule the countryside.
Warmer and warmer it becomes until we are opening windows and turning on the air conditioner. It is so dry here, the only grass that there is seems to be on irrigated land.

The road was winding and climbed up and down pretty much constantly. 
Jaden asked me why he couldn’t hear, and I told him that it was probably because his ears had popped and that he should swallow and it would be better. 
He did and yelled “It worked! I can hear again!!” then he was entertained for some time by repeating the process as we continued to elevate and descend.

We reached our destination, parked the RV and took a stroll along the streets of Tombstone. Below are the pictures from then.
As the sun was setting we came back to our RV, overheated our microwave by trying to heat up thirteen chicken pot pies, ate supper, watched some movies and that was the end of day eight!

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