Saturday, April 26, 2014

Favorite Family Memories ~ Jesse

I have to say that the best memory I have with Jesse is not what one would expect. It is not about a fun time that we spent together driving tractors, nor one of the countless conversations we have shared.
Rather it is a moment of helplessness, a near death encounter. This moment includes a little girl's desperate prayer to a God who saved her little brother's life.

He was two years old, I was twelve. We had the flue going around our house, and while everyone else had recovered, Jesse's slight fever lingered.
At the time Mom and Dad were teaching a parenting course in Winkler. They had left earlier that day to do some grocery shopping before heading to their class.
Our Grandparents were living on the same yard as us, so as was often the case, she invited us over to eat supper at her house.
Since Jes still wasn't feeling well, all the kids headed over but myself, Jesse and the baby... Nathan. We had agreed that I would stay with them while Josh ate, then would switch him off so I could eat my supper.

Though the details of what happened next are somewhat of a blur, I try to remember, always remember.

I was watching a movie with the two youngest when suddenly Jesse's body began to shake violently. I rushed to his side and noticed that his face was changing colour from pink to blue, I especially noticed his blue lips. I knew at that moment that something serious was going on, my little brother was struggling for his life, but I didn't know what to do.
So I screamed "Please Jesus" over and over again while I frantically tried to listen to his still beating heart. His body stopped convulsing and became still, but his face was still that awful shade. I shook him in an effort to bring him back to normal, still screaming for help in childlike faith.
Finally in desperation I grabbed the phone, and called Grandma "he was shaking, his face is blue and I don't know what to do!" is all I remember saying as my whole body trembled with emotion. I remember watching him from the phone and with great relief, I noticed that his face was finally returning to it's normal state.
I don't know how much time had elapsed.
Grandma rushed over and found me holding the little bundle that was my brother, still feverish, but alive.

I called mom and dad and they rushed home, later telling me that their drive home included desperate prayer as they didn't know how much longer they would have with their son.
It turned out that he was just fine, the next day he was back to normal.

Those helpless moments will forever be burnt into my memory.

Every day that I get to enjoy the part that Jesse plays in my life, I am grateful.
Those days when we are driving the tractor together laughing and talking in accents.
Those moments when I get to see the huge smile on his face as he tells me about a new accomplishment.
The joys of being his teacher on school days.
All of these precious moments lead back to the day that Jesus saved my little brother Jesse's life.
And that is why it is my best memory with Jes.

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Bethany2 said...

Wow! Amazing tearjerking story of God's grace!