Sunday, April 20, 2014

Love is Alive

I rose early this morning.
There is something about an Easter morning that calls me from the depth of sleep and pulls me out from under the warm covers. I have to experience this morning's sunrise.

I read the Easter story from the chapters of the book of John.
John is one of my favourite books of the bible, not only because of his unique style of writing, but also because he is able to capture God's love in the most awe-inspiring way.
Amazing love.
Dying on the cross and rising again on the third day was not something that Jesus did only out of duty or obedience. He did it because he loved us so.
The few chapters before the story of Jesus' arrest and crucifixion manifest that love. He is about to head to the Gathsemane's garden, he knows that he is about to experience emotional agony, brute torture, then death on the cross. Yet he takes the time to comfort, reassure and prepare the hearts of the ones that he loves.
He took the time to pray for them even as he spoke the words "the hour is come".

And so the story goes, laced with love.
Not only in the enormity of becoming the Saviour of the world.
Not only in that he bore our stripes and took our sin upon Him in death.
Not only as he conquered the grave and rose again that we might have eternal life through Him.
But it was also shown in the smaller, more personal things.
Speaking to his earthly mother just before he drew his last breath.
Talking with Mary Magdalene before ascending to His Father.
Appearing to his disciples, then re-appearing to silence the doubts of one.
Giving Peter a chance to redeem himself as he asked the question "Do you love me?".
Through his life, his death and his resurrection He loved.
He IS love, and He continues to share himself with anyone who is willing to open up their heart to receive.

This morning I experienced that awesome love.
I saw it in the hues of a sunrise.
I felt it in the fresh crisp morning air.
I heard it in the sound of a mourning dove's song.
And in my heart, bursting with joy and wonder, I knew,
Love is alive.

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