Sunday, April 13, 2014


Tomorrow I will _________
You fill in the blank.
How many days do we wake up on the dawn of a "tomorrow", firmly believing that it is the day that we will make a change. But just when we think it might actually happen, things start to get hard, we begin to make excuses and before we know it...  tomorrow it is.
"Tomorrows" turn into "Mondays".
"Mondays" turn into "next months".
"Next months" continue until you suddenly look back and realize that a whole year has gone by and yet you remain in the same place you were. Spinning your wheels, yet never going anywhere.

I am guilty of this.
I will raise my hand wave it wildly and say "Yup, that was me this past while!".

If there has been anything that I have learned these past couple of years it is that tomorrow never comes. Every single day there will be an excuse (and a good one at that)! But excuse making is not conducive to the becoming of a stronger person.

Today is the day to begin. And not only today, rather right now.
Begin your day with the attitude that this battle has already been won, and that this is just going to be the day that you will prove that.
If you mess up, fess up then KEEP GOING. (another important lesson that I am still learning)
The worst thing to do after making a mistake to allow yourself to give up, to cave to the crave of "tomorrow".
Ask for forgiveness, believe that you have received it and move on.

I know that it is not easy. I know that there are going to be times that doubt will become so heavy and overwhelming that it will seem like "tomorrow" is the only way out.
But it is time.

Today I will be remembering Who is on my side.
Today I will be reaching out for the hand that has been outstretched and waiting for me.
Today I will not rely on the strength of my feeble will, but rather cling to the strength and love that Jesus ALWAYS has to offer.
Today is my day to win.

Will you join me?


Linda said...

Great post! So true, our life can easily slip by in an excuse and waiting! Keep posting and stay strong in God he alone will give us the courage to chose today!

godly-young-widow said...

I LOVE Mandisa's music; so full of everything! Encouragement, motivation, and a boost of energy in every way! Thanks for sharing