Sunday, April 6, 2014

Family Member Memories ~ Mikaya

My friend Tanya gave me the idea of posting best memories of each sibling and parent. I decided that she was a genius.Not only is it a great idea... but (since I have fourteen of them!) it will take up a lot of days in my "Blog a day" adventure.Thanks Tanya!

While taking pictures of and posting on Mikaya's birthday, some memories with her were stirred up. 
So I'm starting with her.

My best memory with Mikaya is not any one thing, rather it is a string of events that at the time had me extremely frustrated but at present have me smiling.

When I first began exploring hairdressing Mikaya was two years old.
One day as I was cutting her sister's hair, we noticed that she was taking special interest in my attempts. Mom told her that she should take notes so that she would know how to do it when she grew up.
A little bit later Mikaya pulled up a stool, and sat down, pen and paper in hand.
She began to scribble on her little notepad so carefully and deliberatly. Someone asked her what she was doing and her reply was "I am taking notes!"

Mikaya's fascination with hair and style grew. She always loved getting her hair done, which I enjoyed too as it was something that we had in common and could share together.
As fun as this was, unfortunately sometimes an interest can cause little girls to get into trouble. 
This little girl was no exception.

I made the mistake one day of leaving my haircutting equipment out on the table in it's box. Waking up earlier then everyone else, this temptation took precedence over any and all reasoning.
Snip, snip went the scissors in her chubby little hands as she created her masterpiece.

I nearly cried.
As the months went by and it slowly grew out, we thought that she had learned her lesson, Mikaya should not cut her own hair.

I believe the day that it happened the second time I had mentioned that her hair had finally grown out enough that you couldn't even notice that she had chopped it off anymore.
Though it wasn't as bad as the first time... it still wasn't pretty. And her "sister hairdresser" was not happy.

The third and final time that Mikaya took scissor to hair, she actually did an okay job. She gave herself bangs and I barely even had to fix them up (thankfully!). 
I told her that next time she wanted bangs....she should ask me to do it instead of trying to do it on her own.
She finally got the picture and we haven't had another episode since. :)

Now looking back, I can't help but laugh. It was not at ALL funny then, but it is something about Mikaya that I will always remember. 
I spent many moments attempting to fix the choppy haircuts that she gave herself, but those were also unforgettable memories that I got to make with one of my favourite little girls.


God's Girl said...

How do you pronounce her name? like Ma-kayla with out the L? :)

Breathe Deep said...

God's Girl:
Yes, you are right. Except for it is MI-kaya instead of MA-kaya.