Friday, April 11, 2014

Favorite Family Memories ~ Kerri

Today Ker and I went with our good (when I say good, I mean GOOD) neighbour to do some shopping and have lunch with sista Megs (and of course thee adorable nephew... but don't get me started on that subject :).
After lunch and a visit at Henry and Megan's house (while our GOOD neighbour and her girls had appointments), Ker and I walked to Dairy Queen where we proceeded to spend the next over-an-hour
eating our Reese (extra stuff!) blizzards and talking about anything and everything.

This experience compelled me to create today's post about my best memories with Ker.

These memories are created by a lifetime of friendship. I don't know how I could possibly narrow it all down to only one moment with this girl.

My favorite moment with Ker could be while we are working together, making the mundane fun.
It could be from long ago when we played together as little girls, swimming in the dugout, playing "house", climbing trees, playing card games.

It could be each day that Kerri chose to be my little guinea pig as I used her to learn and perfect what I know about hairdressing.

It may also be that day not long ago when just her and I took off to town to have a fun day, playing tennis and eating to much food.
It could be one of those hour long conversations during which we pour out some of those deeper more secret thoughts to each other.

Maybe it is even the little things, like those moments that occur so often where we will begin to harmonize a line to a song that had been playing at the exact same time, or when we belt out a line of a song that had been in our heads, also at the exact same time.

It could be the way that we know each other, completing sentences and flashing that "I know what you are thinking" smile.

Riding horses, singing, milking, laying on hay bales waiting for calves to be born, doing dishes together, all memories to treasure.

But most likely the best one of all is the memory of just being together. We know that in all probability it won't always be this way.
So we cherish every moment during this special time.
Making best memories.
Every single day.


Coutry Girl said...

So so special & Precious, I remember times like that with my sista, treasure the moment, they really don,t last foreverbut the memories do. ♡♥♡

Josh and Rebecca Pauls said...

Every so true Jenny! I think of that a lot when it comes to you sweet girls. I love watching the relationship that you two have as sisters, so sweet and so much fun!

Rachel said...

I love seeing sisters who are such good friends! Great post!