Thursday, April 24, 2014

Pictures from Easter

As you may have already read in between the lines of my posting, I love the season of spring. Everything about it satisfies the desire within me to celebrate life.
The holiday of Easter is no exception as we are privileged to gather with family and friends to give thanks for the life we are able to live in Christ.

We have our largest amount of gatherings at this time. We have the normal, Mom's side/Dad's side ones that we have every holiday, in addition to the annual extended Pauls Family gathering.
Below are some of my fumbling photography attempts to capture moments from these occasions.

Extended Family Gathering
Fun Experienced:

  • Decorating cookies with the kiddoes.
  • Visiting/catching up with relatives (good friends!)
  • Eating yummy food.

Gathering with Mom's side
Fun Experienced:

  • Laughing lots
  • Talking lots
  • Eating lots
  • Playing with babies lots
  • Making lots of music (not pictured)
  • Playing first football game of the year (not pictured)

Gathering with Dad's side
We were so excited to have Aunty Karen out for a visit!!
Fun Experienced:

  • Catching up with Aunty K (love you!)
  • More baby cuddles
  • Yet more eating
  • Playing the game "Last word"

And that, my dear readers, was Easter with the Pauls fam. :)

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