Monday, April 14, 2014


Spring is the season which opens the door to the beginning of life.

Spring has visited our family.


~ McKenzie Elizabeth~ said...

!!!!!!! Does this mean that a baby is on the way????? :)

Jennifer said...

McKenzie ~ YES!!! :) We are excited!!!

Josh and Rebecca Pauls said...

So excited that "Spring" is on its way!!! Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

This is the same anonymous from the other day... :)
The first time I saw this picture, I thought that you might be expecting another little one, but I then thought that it was just me jumping to conclusions!

Congratulations!! I'm so happy for all of you!

Rachel said...

So exciting!! Prayers for your mom and baby that all goes well!

The Munck Family said...

Congrats!!! I know this little one will be covered in love!!! Can't wait to see who this little person is.