Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Favorite Family Memories ~ Elijah

How can I begin to describe the joy that this little one has brought into our home. He is definitely one of a kind and his adorable, smart little brain creates memories that could be labeled as "best" every single day.
My little bud and I share a bench seat in the van, and I believe this is where we experience the most fun together. We look for cows and tractors, and exclaim greatly when we come across them. He now knows all the places the tractors are to be found during our weekly drive to church, and we always look at them together, oohing and aahing as we speed past.

But my favorite part of our drive is when he reaches out his little hand to hold mine.
Sometimes it is only for a few seconds. Sometimes it is for half the drive.
I know that he will not always want to hold my hand, before I know it, he will be a big boy.
So I treasure these moments as best, and capture them in my deepest memory.


Coutry Girl said...

Thats so precious! ♡

Josh and Rebecca Pauls said...

Such a heart melter!!! :)