Sunday, April 27, 2014

Timeless love

 Forty six years ago today love shone bright as my grandparents joined together in holy matrimony. Over and over again their love has proven to be timeless. 
I see it in the way that they look at each other, and hear of in stories. (my favorite being the one my Grandma shared at the time they began driving an automatic car. She realized with excitement that they didn't have to let go of each other's hands when they turned the corners anymore :)
These two are a blessing, not only are they a huge inspiration to me, but they are also show great love to any and every person around them.

I love you much Gramps and Grams, and wish you many more years of married bliss :)

Happy Anniversary!!!

Photograph credit: Phraze Photography


Coutry Girl said...

Tears are flowing freely my dear sweet thing ♡ thank you

Megan said...

Love these 2!