Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Do You Have A Question?

Hey all! So we (us "Hello June" bloggers) are going to be posting a vlog together on the very last day of June. We were wanting to do a Q&A type thing but in order to do that... we need questions! So if there are any questions that you have, we would love for you to tell us. Big or small, complicated or simple, funny or serious, you can ask us about ourselves, our family, our faith, whether roosters crow only in the morning, if Megan snores... everything and anything that you are curious about,  now is your chance to ask!
We are also going to be adding Ker to our little group, though she doesn't have a blog (yet), she still is part of this sister tribe... so we will throw her in there as well! :)
Soo... ask away! If we don't get any questions, our vlog may possibly be boring, so please... please, PLEASE! :)
Thanks in advance!


Anonymous said...


greetings from Europe here! :)
Some really random questions:
1) What do you enjoy doing all together?
2) If you could go to any place on earth for free, where would you go? (And if you could only go to Europe, where would you go?)
3) Any big plans for the rest of this year? :)
4) What is the best about summer?
5) Favorite school subject?
6) Are you allowed to travel alone? Like going to a place for a week without any siblings and knowing nobody there?
7) Would your parents allow you to "date"? (I know you dont wish to but would they be okay with it?).
8) Do you have friends that are not Christians?
9) What is the best place in Canada?
10) What was the best gift from a sibling (ever)?
11) Do you get any money from working on the family farm?

I guess I will stop now (even though I could continue ;)),
Greetings, Caroline

godly-young-widow said...

Well, Caroline covered some of my questions; here's some more:
1) How are you doing with your dream list? And for the rest of you, do you have a dream list too?(PS I think you forgot to cross out #18, or at least highlight that it has been done)
2) Have any of you met new people in person through your blogs?
3) Maybe a little invasive, but I remember your mom mentioning brothers that are "farmers at heart". The other brothers, what would they potentially do instead of farm?
4) Have any of you taken any courses since graduating homeschool, like Megan taking photography classes?
5) Do any of you have moments of wanting to play matchmaker for those who are single?
I may think of more. BTW, if you lived in the city, or visited frequently, I COULD potentially help you with #12. Though it may be just as much a learning experience for me too!

Anonymous said...

Btw, those questions I asked are directed to all of you, I just had to choose one of the blogs for commenting.
Another question: Whats the best (and worst) part about farming?

Anonymous said...

Some questions for all of you:
Favorite food
Favorite Bible verse
Favorite Bible character
Favorite quote
Favorite song
Favorite past time
Favorite places you visited
Future plans

what do you grow on your farm? How long is the crop season, from start to finish? How long has your family been farmers?
Do you come from a long line of farmers?