Sunday, June 7, 2015

Wonderful Catastrophe

The Grand Canyon.
As I stepped close to the railing to see it for the first time, the combination of the extreme depth and vastness of the canyon literally took my breath away. No words can describe the beauty of it, no photographer could capture the wonder.
It is something to be experienced. Something that created a sense of awe and amazement, and as I said before - helped me understand the majesty of God just a little bit better.
Millions of people from all over the world come to see the canyon every year. Though many see it as a product of nature over millions of years, I see it as a result of a catastrophe designed by God to rid the world of evil, the evidence of His justice and power.

The picture of the Grand Canyon can be compared to the catastrophes that we face in our lives. When we are surrounded by turbulent waters, and cannot see the end in sight, we can know that God has a plan. When hardship carves away at our soul, and everything that we are is being changed, we can rest in knowing that God is creating beauty out of our struggle.
He is forming something in our lives that people will come to see and be in awe of.
The horror of the flood waters will create a wonder.

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