Monday, June 8, 2015

Happy Cows, Happy Jen

Since we learned that the guys would have to do some re-seeding, things have been busy around the farm. At one point we had the tiller, seeder, sprayer and water truck all going at the same time. The guys/we have been doing a lot of multi-tasking.
Today was no different. It was time to bring cows to the pasture, but we had not fixed all the fences yet. So we had a crew fixing fence, and a crew moving cows into the fence.

Needless to say, it was a busy day.
I managed to snap a few pictures in-between sorting and loading cattle.

We bring all of the cows into a small pen and sort them into loads so that when the truck comes back from dropping off the cows at the pasture, we can just load them up and send them off again.

Jes took this picture for me :)

The cows know where they are going, so usually they are pretty good at going on to the trailer. With of course the exception of a few stubborn beasts. This year we had no troubles to speak of.

Jesse was my helper today. Together we paired up the cows with their calves and separated the herd into loads of four pairs each. It was a little bit of a learning curve... but he did a great job! I love working with this kid.

I like to keep records as I go along to keep everything straight.

The kids enjoy being able to ride along in the truck while Dad and mom bring the cows to their home for the summer.

I went along for the last load... the bulls, one in each pasture.
This is Maverick.

Make sure that the gate is secure. 
Failure to do so could result in our cows stampeding around the countryside.

The horses and yearlings stay in the pasture connected to our yard. It is so much fun watching them run around, being set free after a long winter.

Now I have a big bruise on my back from carrying gates, a bad (good, if you like tanning the old fashioned way :) sunburn, and I am happy; because my cows are happy.

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