Friday, June 5, 2015

Favorite Family Memories ~ Dad

Last time I did a "Blog every day of the month" challenge, I started a series of posts about my favorite memories with each member of my family. (you can read them here, here, here and here)

I had always meant to finish, but never got around to it... until now that is. :)

My daddy.
Trying to figure out what my favorite memory with him is, is like trying to pick a favorite flower out of a flower garden. So many amazing memories in the twenty some years that I have called him my pops.

We have had many adventures together. Shared many father daughter moments. 
He has taught me so much about life, and has always been there for me. Protecting. Strong.
We have been a team for so many years. In sports (we have always been on the same hockey/football/soccer team when we play with the fam.), in convincing certain other people to do the crazy thing, in the way that I have chosen to do life.
I am a daddy's girl. We are alike in the way of our competitive spirit, our love for adventure, and our insane water fighting skills ;).
He has held me when I cried about losing a pet, believed in me when I set my mind to do something, and taught me how to do the hard things... even when I feel incapable.

Yes, the memories I treasure with him are many.

But there is this one that I have lots of pictures of.
And it is funny, and so much fun. So I will share it.

July 2009.
We were visiting friends in Tennessee, our first family trip down south.
Our friends arranged for some of us to go on a white water rafting adventure.
I had never been before, so I was super excited!
We made our way down the river, my sisters, Dad and two of our good friends.
Eveything was going amazingly. We went through rapid after rapid, having a blast.

Then, near the final stretch in the river, we were asked by our guide "Do you want to take the safe ride or the wild ride?". Umm, was that a question??

Somehow we were the only ones that fell in... 

Do you see my foot, and Dad's helment? I think I kinda sorta fell on top of him...

I was able to grab on to the raft right away, but Dad's little swim continued a little longer...

We made it through safe and sound. 
It was the best part of the whole experience.
The end. :)

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