Saturday, June 20, 2015

It's Me

I had a reader ask me to write a post on things about myself that only people that knew me well would know.
This shall be that post.
How about five. Five random things about me.
Here we go.

1. I am claustrophobic. Have been ever since I can remember. Not just in a "afraid of tight spaces" type way, but also in that I like my space. Which can be interesting when you live in a large family and share space on a regular basis. And what is also weird is that I love to cuddle and give hugs and stuff like that, it is just when I am working in an area that is crowded, or when a place is cluttered, or when the seat of a vehicle is to close to the steering wheel... it drives me crazy.

2. My biggest fear is deep water. And sharks. Scuba diving, snorkeling... those are adventures I would forgo. I am not really a fan of water or swimming in general. I will with other people, but I would never take initiative to do it. I would much rather throw a bucket of water in someone's face and have one returned to me in like manner then to immerse my body into a pool or lake or other body of water and struggle to stay afloat. When I was little, I was intensely afraid of the deep end of the pool. I would imagine water creatures coming to eat me up.

3. I am a control freak. I don't share clothes with my sisters, I have not taught any of my younger siblings how to milk my cow cause I like it done just so, I hide stuff like nail clippers and q-tips and ponytails, and I am working on it. :)

4. Whipped cream, soft ice cream, and milkshakes. Gross. But I have a weakness for cheese cake, bread (especially fresh out of the oven!), peanut butter and chocolate ice cream (hard of course ;).

5. I guess it is already clear that I am adventurous. But not only in wanting to do those things like skydiving or traveling the world. But also finding the adventure in little things like getting lost, or stuck, or have something crazy mess up the day... because it makes memories.
In fact the memories that I hold dearest are the ones where crazy things happen. Like getting flooded out of our campsite, or rain showers in the middle of a barbecue, or the hydro going off and having to use candles and flashlights to find our way around the house, or going for a joy ride on a horse that is out of control.

And that, is a little bitsy about me.
Thanks to my reader (you know who you are!) for the idea!

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