Saturday, June 13, 2015

Party Over

Our "girl" weekend has come to an end. We are spending the final few hours being lazy and eating leftovers. 
Since my camera is still not working, we (Kerri helped me) took some phone pictures throughout this final day.

The old ladies (inside joke ;) went to a town wide garage sale while the rest of us made pizza.

Mary made some new friends with cheese bribes. :)

Of course there was a lot of auntie spoiling that went on!

After lunch a few of us went for a walk to the famous stop sign where my awesome friend Mary decided that she needed a high-five.

About half-way home the heavens opened and it began to rain. 
Our sweet momma came and picked us up, but we still had to pose for a picture in the rain. :)

Now the friends are gone. The fun been had. The house, delightfully messy.

And that, is how we girl party.

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